Anonymous Procedures

With Snowflake’s Anonymous Procedures and the ability to return Tabular data from Python Procedure, you can now utilize the power of Python and Pandas to Wrangle Snowflake data and return the data in a Tabular format.

With Snowflake Anonymous Procedures

  • You DON’T need to have a role with CREATE PROCEDURE schema privileges
  • The procedure runs with callers privileges

Sample Anonymous Procedure

Here is an example on how to use Anonymous Procedures with Python Pandas to filter data. This is a simple example but you can do anytype of data wrangling that Python will support.

with wrangle_data_using_pandas as PROCEDURE (table_name VARCHAR, channel VARCHAR)
returns TABLE()
language python
runtime_version = '3.10'
packages = ('snowflake-snowpark-python')
handler = 'wrangle_data_using_pandas_definition'
import pandas

def wrangle_data_using_pandas_definition(session, table_name, channel):
  # Read the data from the Snowflake table into a Snowflake Dataframe
  df_snowflake = session.table(table_name)

  # Convert Snowflake Dataframe to a Pandas Dataframe
  df_pandas = df_snowflake.to_pandas()

  # Filter Pandas dataframe to rows where the field matches the value
  df_pandas_filtered = df_pandas[df_pandas['CHANNEL'] == channel]

  # Convert filtered Pandas Dataframe back to a Snowflake Dataframe
  df_snowflake_filtered = session.create_dataframe(df_pandas_filtered)
  # Return the Snowfake Dataframe in Tabular format
  return df_snowflake_filtered
call wrangle_data_using_pandas('scratch.saqib_ali.transactions', 'store')
2 20 2022-12-01 online

Sample input data

1 10 2022-12-01 store
2 20 2022-12-01 online
3 20 2022-12-01 store
4 20 2022-12-02 store
5 30 2022-12-02 store
6 30 2022-12-02 store
7 20 2022-12-02 store